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mild malt

Ashburne® Mild Malt (Briess)


Contributes slightly malty and sweet flavours with a subtle toasty note and rich golden hues. Can be used as a base malt (diastatic power: 65 Lintner) or high percentage specialty malt in Mild Ales, Brown Ales, Belgian styles or Barley Wines.

Slightly darker with a higher dextrin level than a standard pale ale malt and will lend more residual maltiness and mouthfeel. Use up to 25% of the grist for an enhanced malty flavour and aroma in your brews, and up to 50%+ for Doppelbocks and other dark styles where an exaggerated malt flavour is desired.

Lovibond: 5.3˚L

Suitable for: Bitter, Mild, Porter, Stout, Barley Wine, Dark malty lagers

Maltster: Briess

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