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Useful Links

Some useful links from around the web for new and experienced brewers alike

Brewer's Friend: A useful repository of recipes, calculators and information
How to Brew: John Palmer's definitive guide to brewing at home. Step-by-step instructions for getting started with extract and all grain. Required reading for new and experienced brewers alike.
/r/Homebrewing: Reddit's homebrewing community
Malt Comparison Chart: Looking for a suitable substitute for a particular malt? This handy chart provides a cross reference of styles available from the most popular maltsers. Courtesy of the Knight of the Mashing Fork, a central Connecticut homebrewing club
Wyeast Yeast Strain Guide: An overview of the complete range of Wyeast strains
Hops Varieties: Comprehensive flavour and use profiles for most available hops
Hop Substitution Chart: Courtesy of Possibly the most informative homebrewing blog around. Check out the library of past ExBEERiments. If you're ready to make the leap to all grain, but can't afford the space and cost of a mash tun.