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Cherrywood Smoked Malt (Breiss)


Briess Cherrywood Smoked Malt is a unique, enzyme-active specialty malt with a blend of pronounced pronounced smoke flavour and a smooth and subtle fruity, malty sweetness with pleasant smoke aroma. Use it to add character to styles such as Scottish Ales, Smoked Beer, Porters, Bamberger Beer or Rauch Bock.

Lovibond: 5.0˚L

Flavour: Pronounced smoke, Subtle fruity, Malty sweet, Smooth, Clean

Recommended Quantities:

  • 5-10%: Noticeable smoke character in lighter styles such as Scottish Ales and Oktoberfests

  • 10-20%: Pronounced smoke character in lighter styles like Scottish Ales and Oktoberfests

  • 30-60%: Noticeable to pronounced smoke character in darker styles like Stouts and Porters

  • Briess Cherry Wood Smoked Malt delivers pronounced smoke flavor. Recommend limiting usage to 60% of the grist.


Suitable for: Smoked Wheat Ales; Porter; Smoked Beer; Kellerbiere; Scottish Ales; Smoked Ales; Smoked Porter

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