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FastFerment Insulated Jacket

FastFerment Insulated Jacket


The FastFerment Insulated Jacket allows you to create the ideal temperature for your Brewing & WineMaking in FastFerment.

Create Ideal Temperatures

The Insulated Jacket is a system that’s affordable & gets the job done to create ideal brewing & winemaking temperatures in the FastFerment.
It works with the Wall Mounts & with the Stand. In hot climates, add 2L bottles of ice to cool it down, switching them out every 2-5 days. In cool climates, simply add a heating pad. The Insulated Jacket also works with any standard bucket or carboy.

Details and Dimensions

  1. Sturdy nylon exterior
  2. Waterproof thermo plastic inside
  3. Dimensions: 20.5" diameter, 34" tall

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